Lindas Imagens de Locais de Adoração

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Cathedral by Andrew Vasiliev on 500px

Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica (Ottawa) Vertorama by Roland Shainidze on 500px

Tamway Orléans by Nicolas Wecandoit on 500px

St. Peter Basilic (Vatican, Rome) by Domingo Leiva on 500px

Lights by Mauro Tandoi on 500px

Cologne Cathedral by Aaron Choi on 500px

Basilique Notre Dame by Naibank Eng on 500px

El Pilar (II) by Carlos Luque on 500px

The Cloister’s Cat by Albert Vàzquez on 500px

Cloisters by Ann on 500px

In the Morning Light by Teguh S on 500px

Good Night… by Ahmet Kizilhan on 500px

Wonderland by Achim Thomae on 500px

Mosque at Sharjah Cornish by Utsav Verma on 500px

sheikh zayed mosque by Ronny Behnert on 500px

Bandaraya in the evening by Nelson Michael Jr on 500px

Sharjah – Buhaira by Mostafa Ajjawi on 500px

Good morning from ?stanbul by Gürkan Gündo?du on 500px

Dark Skies by Fabien Bardelli on 500px

God’s light.. by Samet Güler on 500px
This is my own image – by Darlene Hildebrandt. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. A fascinating history this place has had!

444 B.C. by George Papapostolou on 500px

Big Buddha by Chaluntorn Preeyasombat on 500px

Bahai Temple – Night View by Natasha Pnini on 500px

BHUTAN TAKTSANG by Santanu Banerjee on 500px

St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow by Moritz Königsbüscher on 500px

The Marble Temple by Daniel Cheong on 500px

The Light of Angkor Wat Temple ! by Mardy Suong Photography on 500px

Wat Sampov 5! by Mardy Suong Photography on 500px

Temple of the God’s by Spiros Lioris on 500px

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